Please find the week’s Covid-19 update for Somerset on behalf of the Engagement Board.

Here in Somerset the cases of Covid-19 are still high but, like the rest of the country, there has been a reduction of rates in the last week. It is too early to be sure why our cases are falling and it may not mean there is less virus circulating. We also know there are many cases of Long Covid now being reported nationwide and this is something which people need to be aware of.

To keep yourself and others safe you should get vaccinated, continue to participate in testing and self-isolate when required. Although it is no longer a legal requirement, we also recommend you wear a face covering, keep your distance, meet outdoors and ensure your indoor spaces are well ventilated.

With this in mind, we continue to urge caution, and encourage you to help us spread the message, ‘think twice, do the right thing and stay safe’.

Notice Date: 29/07/2021