Sedgemoor is now sadly reporting among the highest Covid-19 rates in the country, with the South-West as a whole experiencing the highest-rates in the country. Ahead of the bank holiday weekend, we are encouraging visitors and residents to keep up all important safety measures; wearing a mask in enclosed spaces, distancing where possible/or meeting outside, washing hands/using hand sanitiser, ventilating inside spaces and testing regularly.

This week sees the Government roll out vaccines to all 16-17 year olds. DHSC has produced a toolkit of new materials from PHE to help us promote the benefits of the vaccine to young people. Young People Vaccines - Coronavirus Resource centre ( Full details can be found in the update.

Finally, the next phase of our campaign to keep Somerset safe over the summer is in full swing, with targeted safety messages being deployed in the Sedgemoor areas. Somerset businesses are reminded of the full suite of resources available to support them during this challenging time. Stay safe ( Full details are included in the update.

Notice Date: 27/08/2021