Playing Field

In 2017 the Parish Council was given a 14 acre field on a 299 year renewable lease. The Playing Field is still a 'work in progress'. A multi-use games area (MUGA) was built with the aid of a grant from South Somerset District Council and opened in 2018. Outdoor gym equipment and a table tennis table were added in 2019 and a football pitch was completed at the end of 2020. Community gardens were started in 2018 and are now maturing nicely. A path that winds its way around the perimeter of the Field has recently been finished. Some trees have been planted and spring bulbs were planted in the autumn 2020. There is a car park alongside the Field.

Futher plans include planting more trees, providing benches, picnic benches and tables, landscaping and the provision of a skatepark. More details about the skatepark can be found on this facebook page:

The Field is an ideal area to take your daily exercise, alone or with a friend, and for all dog owners it is perfect for exercise. Dogs are very welcome on the Field providing the dog is kept on a lead and owners pick up after their dog. A dog bin is provided.

The MUGA can be hired for group training or for tennis. Please see terms and conditions of hire: Terms and Conditions of Hire of MUGA

Contact the Clerk for prices and availability and for details of tennis:

The Clerk - Kim Larsson - Tel: 07787 150155 / Email:

The Community Garden plots are for residents of Ilton. Please contact the Clerk for more details or if you would like a plot (Clerk's details above).