The Play Park is situated behind Copse Lane and the Penny's Meade housing estate and accessed by 3 pathways:

1 - opposite the Village Hall in Copse Lane,

2 - between 2 houses on the main front road (Bradleys & Cottage Corner), and

3 - on the inner circle of Copse Lane.

The park has been designed particularly with younger children in mind and all entrances are gated, making it safe and secure. The play equipment includes a slide, swings, a zip wire, skate ramps and a basket ball hoop. There are benches and picnic tables for parents to meet and chat or have a picnic whilst the children play on all the play equipment. Unfortunately, no dogs are allowed in this area.

The Park was completely refurbished with the aid of a grant from South Somerset District Council between 2014 and 2018.

In 2018 the Park was awarded Playing Field of the Year 2018 by the Somerset Playing Fields' Association.